Cybersafety & Cybersecurity

CyberSurfer™ empowers K-12 students to avoid cyber issues like online bullying, phishing, misinformation, fraud, and other attacks.

Our comprehensive and customizable CyberWarrior™ Cybersecurity curriculum provides 11th and 12th graders with an entry-level professional certification while still in high school.

CyberSurfer™ Curriculum

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

CyberSurfer™ Curriculum is a K-12 program that helps keep your students safe while surfing the web, watching YouTube, or accessing social media. Our program goes beyond responsible connectivity topics and includes issues such as privacy, communication, and digital citizenship. Students will learn how to monitor their digital footprint, secure personal information, avoid phishing and online scams, and learn how to decipher fact from fiction online. All students benefit from lessons in digital citizenship to avoid bullying and navigating social media as well as understanding copyright protection.

Module One
Responsible Connectivity: physical security, passwords, secure connectivity, user authentication, wi-fi secure connections.

Module Two
Privacy: Tracking online, digital footprint, personal information sharing, terms & conditions.

Module Three
Communication: Catfishing, information sharing, verifiable postings, online scams, fact versus fiction online.

Module Four
Digital Citizenship: Inclusion, avoiding online bullying, reporting bullies, navigating social media, and copyright protection.

Are you doing all you can to protect the children under your care? 

Many teachers, parents, and guardians don't recognize the signs of online bullying or know how to monitor internet usage. Our CyberSurfer™ Online Curriculum takes the guesswork out of the equation. Contact us now to find out how to protect your students today!

Keep Kids Safe Online


IEF's American Indian Cyber Warrior™ Programming

Intertribal Education Foundation and our partners created the American Indian Cyber Warrior™ Coalition (also known as the Native American Cyber Warrior™ Coalition) to build a technology hub in Indian Country that is addressing both economic and education gaps afflicting our youth and Veterans. Through IEF, the Coalition provides the American Indian Cyber Warrior™ Academy (Native American Cyber Warrior Academy™) which includes cybersecurity job training, along with additional resources and opportunities to participating Native American youth and Veterans. 

Read  More About our Coalition and our CyberWarrior™ Academy

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